Tap Extensions for Machine and Hand Tapping

Walton offers two styles of Tap Extensions that extend the reach of standard taps and allow tapping in deep holes and awkward locations. Use of either Style A or Style B Tap Extensions will virtually eliminate the need for costly, special-length taps. They can be used over and over because they won't wear out, become dull or break.

Style B – extensions for machine and hand tapping

Tap extensions for machine tapping Style B Tap Extensions

Walton Style B Tap Extensions can be used for both machine and hand tapping, are each 8" long and are available in the following sizes: #0 to 1-1/2" (1.6mm to 38mm) for standard taps, and 1/16" to 1" for pipe taps. The tap is held securely in the deep socket by two set screws bearing 90° apart.

Style B Features:

Style A – extensions for hand tapping only

Tap extensions for hand tapping Style A Tap Extensions

Walton Style A Tap Extensions are very handy for tapping in close quarters where it is difficult or impossible to turn a tap wrench. Available for tap sizes #10 (3/16") to 5/8", each set contains two 5" long extensions. Style A Tap Extensions can be used either alone (to lengthen the tap 5") or in combination (to lengthen the tap 10").

Style A Features: